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"This is a very ingenious way for young children and older children to use their creativity in a number of ways.
All the needed materials and suggestions are provided in the easy to use kit.  My suggestion is to purchase one for every child you know!"  - Maria I., NY

"I loved reading the book and seeing the contents of the treasure chest.  Both will make children very happy and engage them!"  - Susan M. Wicker Guerrero, The Berkshire Beacon

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Helpful Tips

A good pirates' mustache is only an eyebrow pencil away!

Don't throw away your packing paper inside the chest! Inside each chest is a piece of stiff, crumpled craft paper to lend support to the contents.  Use this sheet to create your own treasure maps for additional booty-seeking fun!

Don't throw away your packing peanuts!  Use them for additional fun projects!  We ship with 100% biodegradable, non-toxic packing peanuts made from organic starch.  Although they decompose in water, when dabbed lightly on a wet sponge, they become sticky!  Attach them to each other to create fun structures.  Attach them to paper to create a fun 3D picture.   Try making a skull and crossbones, or use them to create your own pirate flag. Check out our example of our Flag on the Gallery page.

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