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My Pirate's Tale

by B. L. Medeiros

Unleash your Inner Pirate!

A One-Of-A-Kind, personalized storybook adventure kit that grows with your child’s imagination.

With this all-inclusive package, you will create lasting memories with a high-quality story book in a manner that is not only quick, easy, and effective, but unique and fun as well. The props can be used over and over for continuous creative play.

Developed to grow with your child, your only limit is your

Key Benefits Include:

  • Production of personalized story book
  • Use of various props and story to place child in a unique and imaginary, fun-filled setting
  • Builds language skills / stimulates imagination
  • Produces a high-quality keepsake
  • Ideal for getting child excited about photography
  • Can be saved and modified as child grows older
  • Provides blank photo-pocket pages at the end for child to    create their own story
  • Promotes appreciation of art through photos, illustrations and use of embellishment kit
  • Additional directions and suggestions provided


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